What to do?

Many of our readers have been asking what to do? There is widespread agreement and awareness of the need to save tigers, but the public needs an action plan which is not tied down by the so called red tape. Many people say they will contribute funds but have doubts if it will ever get used in the right time and manner? So, we will suggest here, things to do!

Let’s be very clear. Tiger killing is NOT the major reason for the dwindling tiger population. THE major reason is the dwindling forest cover and ever increasing encroachment of the forests by us, humans. An adult male tiger needs about 80 to 100 square kilometers forest area overlapping the area of about 2 to 3 female tigers to survive and reproduce.

What we can do? We have to educate, mold public opinion and actively participate to increase the forest cover and arrest deforestation. WE have to cut down OUR industrial and consumerist greed!

For a start, form a group of like minded people and start planting trees and protecting them. If you have lot of funds, buy out areas in the forest fringe areas and build non-commercial plantations with lot of trees. You could even pool funds if this is not possible individually. Create a society or trust and do this!

Please also see some of our past comments in the below pages for more ideas.




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  1. its a great move!
    we by doing this can sensetize people about why the number of tigers is dwindling….but before all, we have to have conviction…..
    i would be truely happy to be the part of such an expedition which is multidimensional in its approach.

  2. jab na hoga tiger tab na hoga jungle,
    jab na hoga jungle tab na hoga iss dharthi par mangle

    phir na honge hum na hogi ye duniya
    tab sochenge humne nikala iss dharthi ka kamandal.


  3. hiii.. save tigers
    basically by not using the goods made of their out comes we can show our respect and dedication towards saving tigers………plz follow it

  4. Hi to all
    Please save TIGERS they are the shaan & jaan of jungles not only tigers we have to save all the animals so please

  5. The day I saw the add & the little tiger screaming for his mother I was jst hurt & was feeling bad for that little kidd < I request to please help to save the tigers

  6. My question is that whether this “awareness in cities” is right? Even if I know the concern that only 1000 tigers left, even if I know the importance of this message but what about the population which lives near by Jungle. Whether this message has reached to them. Whether they know the severity of this problem? The advertisement on television for “Save Tigers” is in English. I think that should be Regional language or at least in Hindi. Also I have seen the Severe Tree demolish in “Satpuda” in Maharashtra, who will control this? I think only the awareness wont help instead laws should be strict with Awareness. Recently I went to home which is remote village in Maharashtra where the “Sarpanch” of the village told me that its common to kill the animals and eat. This is horrible and I came to know that campaigning is not touching the emotions of the Grass-Root level people. This is my advise to “Save Tigers.com” to please do the awareness in language that common people will understand…….. ALL THE BEST FOR THIS GREAT WEB SITE AND I AM GREATFULL TO YOU THAT I BECAME THE PART OF THIS GREAT & VALUABLE CAMPAIGN

  7. The day I saw the add & the little tiger screaming for his mother I was jst hurt & was feeling bad for that little kidd < I request to please help to save the tigers

  8. South China tiger is the most endangered cat species in the world. They are so vulnerable that some scientists believe that they have disappeared in the wild. In captivity they remained 50-60, unfortunately, can not the mate among themselves, as are all related, so that they will soon disappear. They have disappeared because of human negligence and greed.

  9. We need to guide those ppl who r more close to nature. who works with tigers daily.. If they hav some feeling they will try to protect animals them from there hearts!!!!!

    I wanna know what v can do to save animals apart from educating ppl and making them aware of threats to Earth??…..

  10. Evry1 is saying SAVE TIGERS!!
    But as a common prsn wt we can do to save them??
    I really want to do any work if i can do for animals..

  11. We should stop killing tigers as they are living beings and every living beings has the right to live. We should respect our National animal as we respect our INDIAN FLAG.

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