312 thoughts on “A nice Save Tigers slogan by Naveen Hakhoo”

  1. SAVE
    Only some ar left
    plezzzz save them!

  2. wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! and very very powerfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll like tigers

  3. ssave tigers as they r our national animal.we will say proudly that he is not he was….so save tigers and indirectly our environment too…

  4. hiiii frndssss ,,,,,,,,,,look on this matter we have to make full justice on this i know that who all wrote here aboout save tigers are not harmingg tigers but i would like to suggest u all that plezzzzzz tryyyy to be volenterrr in this issues justice can”t be made by just commentinggg it will be onlyy made when we will make pages sites,,,,,,,as per our knowledge if single person does it lot of changes can be taken place n i hope that one day we will get justice n our national animal woould be saved……………………………save tigers save the world:)

  5. Hi friends … am Ashwani bharti from christuraja school hata (kushinagar)
    save the tiger not for show
    also for save ecosystem(food chain)
    Thank U

  6. Dont be mean, Be green!
    Dont be mean, Be green!
    Dont be mean, and at last save wildlife
    or it will be your end !!!!!!!

    ((( shoot the animals,,,,,,,,,, not by gun ,,,,,,,,,, from camera)))))

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