Tiger Tourism Continues and Some More Good News

Tiger Tourism Continues

Just read a newspaper report that the ban on Tiger Tourism in core areas of the tiger reserves has been lifted. Good news indeed. How else would the Save Tigers enthusiasts see for themselves if tigers are getting saved or not? NTCA has formulated fresh and strict guidelines. Salient points:

  • Not more than 20% area (and not exceeding present usage) of the core reserve should be opened for tourism.
  • If present usage exceeds 20% then Local Area Committee to put up a time-frame to bring it down to 20% or less.
  • Tourism should be low-impact and regulated strictly adhering to site-specific carrying capacity.
  • Focus to be shifted from wildlife tourism to ecotourism.

On our part, we at SaveTigers.com, request the GOs at tiger reserves to treat all NGOs as VIPs at par with GOs so we don’t face such banning situation in future 😉 Save Tigers! Not ours or theirs but everyones 😛

Some more good news

  • While the Convention on BioDiversity (CBD) at Hyderabad, comes to a close, 5 cities – Hyderabad, Guntur, Thane, Varanasi and Shimla have signed MoUs with Local Action Biodiversity (LAB) India, to preserve biodiversity.

And some trivia

  • India: GoM ayes Land Bill that allows land acquisition on agreement from 2/3 of the land-owners! Is the two-thirds by people count or by land holding 😛 The original bill had called for 80% consent and industry lobbyists had asked for dilution. दिख रहा है हमें हवा का रुख है किस तरफ और सुनामी का किस तरफ 😉
  • India: Totos, one of the oldest tribes facing extinction will be provided free foodgrains. Well, how about letting them cultivate their own foodgrains?
  • Jaswant Singh, MP, on Editorial page in The Hindu dated October 17, 2012: “Reform is not a synonym for unbridled consumerism. There are values beyond money and markets too!” We agree, Sir.
  • Tarsh Thekaekara, Biodiversity Conservation Researcher, on Op-Ed page in The Hindu dated October 17, 2012: “Efforts towards conserving the country’s biodiversity are hobbled by the frightening insistence that development cannot be held up!” Rightly said. We, at Save Tigers frequently wonder – what exactly is development?

For our life depends on them!